NOM Empowers Brands

Through robust data Intelligent insights and redefined transparency, NOM’s technology empowers brands to reach the full potential of their media buys and video performance across social properties.


Identify. Eliminate. Learn.

MediaAudit™ provides instant insights about video ad campaigns on YouTube. Leveraging NOM’s proprietary DMP alongside custom exclusion lists will allow you to deeply understand how your ads are performing, empowering you to pivot quickly and virtually eliminate wasted spend.

Reporting detail down to the video URL quickly flags placements that are unsafe, irrelevant or inappropriate for your brand.

Automatically removes potentially off-topic and unsafe video placements from your campaigns.

Serves as a continuous learning loop, allowing you to apply insights across campaigns in real time.

Data Management Platform

Plan. Buy. Pivot. Analyze.

NOM’s proprietary DMP and targeting gives marketers a smarter start, ensuring campaigns are optimized for effectiveness and performance before launch. Have confidence with scalable, contextual targeting and automated optimizations, then respond and reallocate in real time.

  • Workhorse designed to increase performance and decrease cost
  • Aggregates data and learning across multiple platforms and campaigns
  • Leverages Natural Language Processing to differentiate between superficial topics/keywords and hone in on the right content for your ad
  • Enables large-scale, placement-level contextual targeting and automated optimizations
  • Stores and organizes campaign performance to increase contextual accuracy for future campaigns