Dominique Zonyeé Scott has devoted her career to mastering how to create, share and market content digitally. At the heart of her work is storytelling. Dominique knows how to deliver a powerful story that speaks to brands and consumers alike. In her current role, Dominique holds the megaphone, building voice, brand and strategy as Marketing Strategy Manager at NOM.

A messaging maven, Dominique focuses on what’s important and cuts out the noise. In the past, she has worked as a content producer at, where she interviewed the late, great Maya Angelou after she was honored at the 64th National Book Awards. During her tenure at, Dominique assisted in team efforts to create extensive coverage surrounding Nelson Mandela’s death. Her dedication to justice and telling the untold led her to uncover stories about drought in Namibia, Black men’s health issues, and bus strikes in Detroit. She also flexed her writing and content creation chops at hip-hop magazine XXL and a host of other brands producing articles, features, and original video content around exclusive talent.

Dominique also served as a creative copywriter for Beats By Dre, writing ad copy for some their most profound campaigns, including launching the New Beats Pill and Beats1 Run, Tracy Morgan holiday campaign, among others. Her copywriting skills didn’t stop there; she later teamed up with Cashmere Agency where Dominique was the Twitter voice behind Season 3 and 4 of BET’s Being Mary Jane and the first season of FX’s Atlanta.

With a Bachelor’s of Arts from CUNY New York and a Master of Arts from New York University, Dominique has strong roots grounded in multimedia journalism and digital strategy. She strives to empower people and brands to embrace authenticity and be heard.