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What is Brand Safety?

We define brand safety as a combination of transparency, measurement, and ultimately safety. We are transparent partners, providing clear insights on measurement and reporting. With NOM, you know exactly where your ads are running and how they got there.
Brand Safety Categories

Safe, Relevant, Appropriate

There are no take-backs in advertising. A recent study by CHEQ & IPG polled consumers about exposure to unsafe and irrelevant ads.

Decline in brand quality perception

Less likely to recommend brand

Less willing to associate with brand

Advertisers now realize that it only takes one bad placement to damage your brand's reputation.
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NOM’s Approach

Our technology is smart, and our approach is even smarter. We aggregate data across campaigns and networks to provide you with informed insights, so you're never making decisions in a silo.

Video Filtering

Video Filtering

Our approach to brand safety is comprehensive. We consider a variety of factors when deciding which videos to pull into our proprietary platform.

Exclusion List

Custom Exclusion List

NOM works to identify objectionable content from the get-go, with an initial scrape for terms to identify unsafe content.


Metadata Verification

Our platform scans YouTube metadata against our proprietary Brand Safety Exclusion List to filter out unsafe videos.

Contextual Targeting

Contextual Targeting

Our platform then aligns contextually relevant videos with a video ad based on safety, relevance, and appropriateness.

Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing

Built for YouTube, our NLP is a proprietary algorithm that recognizes and understands sentence meaning and context.

Human Verification

Human Verification

Our talented team manually reviews and analyzes flagged videos as they happen, categorizing them as irrelevant, inappropriate, or unsafe.

What Is MediaAudit?

MediaAudit lets you know exactly where your video placements are running.
As your campaign evolves, the system gets smarter, allowing you to pivot and optimize as you go.
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Who Needs MediaAudit?

To quantify wasted spend, you have to measure it. MediaAudit is for anyone on YouTube looking for comprehensive insight about performance, alignment, and brand safety.

Audit Past YouTube Campaigns

Use MediaAudit to measure video advertising campaign performance on YouTube down to the URL level.

See if your campaign placements ran across aligned or misaligned content.

Get clear insight into campaign performance with our rigorous scoring system that sets the bar higher than the industry standard.